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I'm Paul Louis

I am a UX Designer with a passion for spotting and solving all kinds of user frustrations. Living the empathetic approach until the end to ensure memorable user experience and sustainable customer engagement. Keen to work again in cross-functional environments, boosting your business through insights and innovation. 

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Renzo Vitale

Creative Director of Sound

Paul always successfully developed and delivered sounds of the highest quality, which would match the technical and creative specifications as well as the brand values.

I was very often surprised by his ability to proactively immerse himself in new tasks as well as his rapidity in learning new skills and familiarizing with new software.

I am confident that he will contribute immensely to any organization he is a part of throughout his career.

Jasper de Kruiff

Senior UX Sound Designer
Impulse Audio Lab GmbH

Paul is a highly dependable guy which whom I worked together on design challenges for several high-profile clients in the automotive industry. He is always looking to push creative boundaries in his work and never fails to come up with extraordinary solutions.

Paul is an absolute joy to work with and I can wholeheartedly recommended him to any design team looking for a creative boost.

UX Design
UX Sound Design

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